I studied at the International Relations Department under the program "Foreign Regional Studies" in English. This is a unique international educational program that gives invaluable experience in communicating with world experts, experts in the field of world politics, international relations, diplomacy, social problems, economic policies and so on. All teachers are qualified and are very creative in teaching students. You won’t get bored in the classroom. They are always happy to help. We were taught not only Russian teachers with great international experience, but also professors from Germany, Finland, Sweden, China, and the USA. In addition to entertaining lecture classes and exercises, we constantly held various seminars on topical key issues of the world.

I hope that our university will develop, more students will study here, which in the future will bring great benefits to the whole of human society!


Huang Zhuang (China), Master’s program review: Regional studies (Russian Federation)

More than two years after graduating I still feel like the years I spent on my master’s degree in Polytech were the most proficient years regarding my education in my life. Whenever I think back about those days, I feel extremely grateful for the opportunities they brought to my life. I managed to travel to several countries such as Finland, Sweden and India during my studies – to get to know more about cultures, international relations and work on global projects with people from Germany, the United States, India, and South Africa, while expanding my horizons and networking. Although the program is based around Russian Federation, traveling abroad and representing the country as well as learning about different views people have on Russia all over the globe was an experience I truly treasure.

Even when I was not traveling, staying in university and attending lectures and workshops gave me a chance to meet some of the truly most brilliant teachers and professors I have ever met, both from Russia and abroad. Our conversations and debates in English were always respectful and interesting, with just a sprinkle of Russian. During my classes, I enriched my knowledge on just about any aspect of Russia, from history to culture, from demographic problems to economy. I believe me studying for master’s gave me the foundation I needed to now be studying for my PhD tuition free.

I should also mention that the students I were studying with were a small group of people from different countries, each with their own intake on everything Russian, which I think made the whole studying process better and more fun, of course. We had exchange students come over from time to time, which just goes to show that so many people are interested in Russia and there is a need for experts on these topics in the world – to establish new friendships and dialogues that are very much needed in the nowadays world.

It is always easy for me to write about my time at university spent on the master’s degree because I truly enjoyed it and still think of the International Relations department as a family and I will forever be grateful to have had this opportunity.

Yekaterina Duisembina, Master’s program review: Regional studies (Russian Federation)